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Our Lingerie Stories

Every woman has a lingerie story.

Perhaps her story replays itself each morning as she choses her panty and bra for the day, or perhaps her thoughts on lingerie surface as she notices a lacy bra strap exposed on someone else. Maybe it’s a completely private affair, or perhaps, she’s wants to go public, at a burlesque show no less!

Whether she has an extensive collection of bodices,  thongs and garters, or two carefully selected lacy sets hidden at the back of her panty drawer for “special occasions”, she has a story. It might be romantic, erotic, passionate or nostalgic. It might be newsworthy. Or, maybe it involves a personal makeover, a new attitude,  or perhaps a new lover.

The Blush Social blog is about sharing lingerie stories.

Lingerie touches many of us -especially in the intimate apparel business- every day. There’s nothing more fun than gossiping and discussing lingerie. What other market allows you to flirt like this and get away with it?

Our goal in business is to make luxury affordable for every woman. This blog tells the story of why that luxury is so important.

And then there are his stories. Let’s not forget the men! Most men also have a lingerie story, (and if he doesn’t, he probably wishes he did.)

We’ve had such a wonderful time flirting with our colleagues, friends, customers and clients on Facebook and Twitter, we thought we’d join the blogging revolution to further the conversation. Women in this business are bright, witty, creative, bold and adventurous. They are also sensitive, helpful and incredibly kind. We are happy to be a member of this community, and want to contribute to it.

Tell us, what makes you blush? We’ll share our stories here, and we hope you’ll send us yours. Tell us how Blush has touched you, changed you, affected your day, your confidence in yourself or what it’s done for your relationship. Of course, we also welcome any comments or questions you may have about sizing, fitting, storefronts, colours, materials, or anything else you’d like to discuss.

You can also send us questions or leave comments for us through our other social platforms:


Flirtatious, affordable luxury. What makes you Blush?